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Polish Chemical Society

Section of Physicochemistry of Interfacial Phenomena


Interfacial Phenomena, Surfactants and Disperse Systems

and SPhIP meeting
April 12-14, 2005 in Lublin
(Registration DEADLINE: March 10 2005)

Faculty of Chemistry UMCS, SPhIP PTChem and Sci. Network SURUZ

Symposium scope - keywords

Surfactants, adsorption, aggregation, solubilization, nanomaterials

Aims of the Symposium

The main aim of the Symposium is the presentation of scientific achievements of the member-teams of Scientific Network SURUZ (Cluster A) and that of the members of the PTChem's Section of Physicochemistry of Interfacial Phenomena. The other goal of the conference is to present the scientific instruments of the Faculty of Chemistry of the MCS Univ. One of the conference sessions will be devoted to the introduction of PhD students and young scientists.
The Symposium formula should embold participant to make new contacts and increase level of the existing co-operation by forming task-oriented research teams composed of members of various scientific centers and communities. Such co-operation should result in a higher efficiency of existing scientific equipment and other available reasearch means.

Symposium site:
April 12-14, buildings of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska Univ. (UMCS), M. Curie-Skłodowska Sq. 3, 20031 Lublin, Poland
Organizers of the Symposium:
Organizing Committee (see contacts):
Scientific Committee (alphabetic order):
Major events:
Final Program:
Download or open final program (April 14th update):
Final Program:
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(April 14th update)
Publication of Symposium proceedings
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Addresses and contacts
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Symposium Participants (April 11th update):
If the participants is a member of PTChem's Section of Physicochemistry of Interfacial Phenomenta clicking the info will display his/her data. In the case of other participants it will display the entire member info file.
  1. Adamczyk Zbigniew (info)
  2. Andrzejewska Anna (info)
  3. Barczak Mariusz (info)
  4. Bratek Anna (info)
  5. Broniatowski Marcin (info)
  6. Charmas Robert (info)
  7. Chibowski Emil (info)
  8. Chibowski Stanis豉w (info)
  9. Choma Jerzy (info)
  10. D鉉rowski Andrzej (info)
  11. Dery這-Marczewska Anna (info)
  12. Drach Mateusz (info)
  13. Garbacz Jerzy (info)
  14. Gierak Andrzej (info)
  15. González-Caballero Fernando (info)
  16. Grajek Henryk (info)
  17. H鉍-Wydro Katarzyna (info)
  18. Ho造sz Lucyna (info)
  19. Janusz W豉dys豉w (info)
  20. Jaroniec Mieczys豉w (info)
  21. Jasi雟ki Tomasz (info)
  22. Jesionowski Teofil (info)
  23. Kallay Niki (info)
  24. Kolasi雟ka Marta (info)
  25. Koopal Luuk (info)
  26. Kosmulski Marek (info)
  27. Kowalczyk Danuta (info)
  28. Krasowska Marta (info)
  29. Krysztafkiewicz Andrzej (info)
  30. Kwiatkowski Miros豉w (info)
  31. Ma造sa Kazimierz (info)
  32. Marczewski Adam (info)
  33. Maryuk Oksana (info)
  34. Matysek Marlena (info)
  35. Michna Aneta (info)
  36. Milewska-Duda Janina (info)
  37. Narkiewicz-Micha貫k Jolanta (info)
  38. Nowicki Waldemar (info)
  39. Opala-Mazur El瘺ieta (info)
  40. Osak Agata (info)
  41. Paryjczak Tadeusz (info)
  42. Piasecki Wojciech (info)
  43. Pomianowski Andrzej (info)
  44. Robens Erich (info)
  45. Rudzi雟ki W豉dys豉w (info)
  46. Rz鉍zy雟ka Zofia (info)
  47. Sadowski Zygmunt (info)
  48. Skrzypek Iwona (info)
  49. Szcze Aleksandra (info)
  50. Szwajcer Ma貪orzata (info)
  51. Szymczyk Katarzyna (info)
  52. Szymula Marta (info)
  53. wietlik Ryszard (info)
  54. Terpi這wski Konrad (info)
  55. Tryba豉 Anna (info)
  56. Wi鉍ek Agnieszka Ewa (info)
  57. Wilk Kazimiera (info)
  58. W鎩cik Wies豉w (info)
  59. Wydro Pawe (info)
  60. Zar瑿ska Katarzyna (info)
  61. Zarzycki Piotr (info)
  62. Zawa豉 Jan (info)

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